Senior Developer - Санкт-Петербург - вакансия 9058

Дата: 29.09.2015

Город: Санкт-Петербург

Сфера деятельности: Программисты, ИТ, телеком

Текст вакансии:

At Area9, programmers work on products that reach hundreds of thousands of paying students every semester, and thus we are transforming education in the USA and the world. This is because our products combine very high technical quality with the best content, design, and educational principles that exist. We are the prime partner for the world premier publishing brand, McGraw-Hill, who has several thousand people producing, marketing and selling the products.
Technically, we have implemented our own functional programming language to do this. This is because the exact same application has to run natively on Flash, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and HTML5. We have a unique, completely compositional user interface language based on the principles of functional reactive programming, and it allows us to very quickly implement very dynamic, but also beautiful user interfaces using a Lego-brick approach.
The range of work spans from implementing beautiful user interfaces and products, working on optimizing compilers, designing and implementing new Domain Specific Languages to allow non-programmers to make products, picture manipulation/3d processing, layout engines and much more.
All programmers on the team have passed a very hard programming test, because having the best programmers allows us to use very agile principles, and grant the individual programmer a large degree of freedom and influence on their work. We have automatic build, testing and deployment systems, which allow us to deploy your work safely to production daily without red tape or other unnecessary obstacles to changing the world.


Постоянная, полный день, работа на территории работодателя
Work in professional international team
Interesting tasks including research work
Good competitive salary
Medical insurance for employees;
Partial sport reimbursement;
Professional training programs
English and German language courses;
Opportunity to work in a flexible schedule.

Контактное лицо: Мария Ланит-Терком

Контактные данные:

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